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Testing & Certification

If required by the Customer, Saneco Corporation Ltd can provide a wide range of products' Safety Testing and Certification, as well as Product Conformity and Compliance tests. These include certification by TUV, SGS, officially authorized Chinese testing institutions and others. If such a Test and/or Certificate are required, it must be specifically requested before a Sales Contract is signed. All related costs should be borne by the Customer and will be included in our Quotation.

Please, also see General Sales Terms!

Shipping & Loading

Since all terms quoted are on FOB basis, the Customer may select its own Shipping Company or we can offer to arrange transport by way of favor to our Customers, through one of our partner Freight Forwarders. However, the shipment fees and the related documents for that should be borne by the Customer.

All orders can be tracked trough our Online Tracking System.

When required and mutually agreed, as a favor to the Customer, we can provide loading supervision.

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